About Belly Button Surgery Hernia

What is Belly Button Surgery (Umbilicoplasty)?

Belly button surgery Hernia is a relatively simple plastic surgery procedure that is used to make the appearance of a belly button more pleasing. As the saying goes, beautiful belly buttons are more attractive than studded jewelry. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that many women (and men) are resorting to in order to give themselves a more attractive looking midriff. As it is such a simple operation it can also be performed at the same time as a tummy tuck.


The Need for Belly Button Surgery

An umbiliocoplasty, which is sometimes referred to by plastic surgeons as “button surgery” or “belly button surgery” is usually sought out by individuals who feel self-conscious in certain types of fashionable clothing. For both women and men this includes trendy items such as low-rise jeans and low cut bathing suits. More often the procedure is umbilicoplasty reconstructive surgery. This is a corrective procedure to enhance the size and shape of belly button.

Women are often concerned about how their belly button will look in a bikini or how it will look pierced or decorated with some form of body jewelry.

Revealing tops in the glamour world demand beautiful, celebrity belly buttons. In general, it is actors, dancers, models, lifeguards and fitness instructors who are most likely to seek out this type of cosmetic surgery.

The Reason for Umbilicoplasty Reconstruction

The word umbiliocoplasty refers to the place on your body where the umbilical cord was once attached. Depending on how this umbilical was cord was severed when you were born you could end up with a belly button that is not considered that aesthetically pleasing.

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The belly button could appear to have a hood of flesh over it or a “pout”. It can seem like a smiling crease or actually boast the stub of the umbilical cord protruding like a small nose.

The “Innie” and “Outie” Belly Buttons

In general, people are usually categorized as having either an “innie” or “outie” belly button. In the case of the “innie belly button” the remains of the umbilical cord have shrunk and inverted inside the belly. In the case of an “outie” belly button, the stub of the umbilical cord may create a lump or a mound that causes it to appear unbalanced, shriveled or lumpy.

The belly button that is generally considered to be most pleasing in appearance is one that is an “innie” having a symmetrical vertical slit. The reason that humans perceive symmetrical belly buttons as more attractive goes way back to caveman days when asymmetry sent a signal to our survival instincts that the person may have parasites.

The belly button shapes that do not cause this kind of subconscious aversion are round and flat looking.

You may be considering an umbilicoplasty for any of the following legitimate reasons:

  • You want to wear belly jewelry but you have an “outie” belly button that cannot be pierced as there are no folds of skin to support the stud.
  • Your belly button has been misshapen from birth and you simply don’t like the look of it.
  • Your belly button has been marred by surgery or an accident in the past.
  • You have had a tummy tuck and it has changed the appearance of your belly button.
  • You have a small hernia that causes your belly button to stick out.
  • You have a recessed belly button that is wrinkly or shifted to one side.
  • Your belly button has changed shape due to extreme weight loss or weight gain.
  • Your belly button has changed shape due to pregnancy or a Caesarian section.
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Belly Button Surgery Hernia– Consultation and Procedure

When you sit down with a plastic surgeon to discuss having an umbilicoplasty he or she will often give you a choice of shapes that are possible for you to select from. In general, most plastic surgeons will go for a vertical slit shape that has a “t” or slight arrow shape and the top.

The procedure itself usually takes from half an hour to two hours. Usually it is performed under local anesthesia but if the patient is particularly nervous or intolerant to pain she/he may be given a sedative that is administered through an intravenous drip.

Usually, there are no scars as the incision is typically made inside the cavern of the navel and very few individuals experience any bruising or discomfort. Although stitches are required, they are usually the kind that dissolves after a few days so often there is no need to even return to the plastic surgeon to have them removed.

As with any surgery, there are a few individuals who should probably not consider having button surgery. These include individuals with a history of uncontrollable bleeding, an immune system disorder or a history of psychological illness to do with self-image or self esteem. Belly Button Surgery Hernia would be the perfect choice.

Otherwise, an umbilicoplasty is one of the safest, quickest and least inexpensive plastic surgeries that exist. To achieve a beautiful belly button, umbilicoplasty is the best procedure.

Furthermore the results of the surgery are considered permanent unless it is somehow compromised by a pregnancy, extreme weight gain or surgery to the abdomen.

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Even though it is a minor surgery it can go a long way to making an individual feel less self-conscious about wearing fashions that expose the belly.