About Butt Augmentation or Butt Enhancement Surgery

Buttock augmentation could be an operation that offers the buttocks additional volume and contour. There are 2 strategies for this: fat transfer or buttock implants. Fat transfer is an progressively well-liked procedure that uses the patient’s own fat to feature natural-looking volume to the buttocks.

What’s a buttock augmentation? 

Body part augmentation or buttock augmentation is a procedure to enhance the volume, form and contour of the buttocks. Body part augmentation will be accomplished through fat graft (known as a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL), silicone implants, or sometimes a mix of those 2 techniques.  

Gluteal Muscle Implant 

The silicone implants are placed within the subfascial plane (under the fascia) of the gluteal muscle or contractile organ (inside the muscle). Implants in the subfascial plane have the advantage of not requiring muscle dissection and considerably reducing the chance of nervus ischiadicus injury (which will result in neuropathic pain and dysfunction of the thigh and lower back muscles). The disadvantage of this methodology is that the subfascial level isn’t as deep because of the intramuscular level, which makes the contour of the implant additional prominent. 

Edges of the contractile organ plane embrace the thick muscle coverage that the bisected (half) gluteal muscle muscle provides over the silicone implant, giving it a natural contour.  The disadvantage of this methodology is that it needs the doctor to separate the gluteus maximus in 2 at an intramuscular level, that prolongs recovery and will increase the chance of for good cutting the nerves innervating this muscle.  

Nerve injury will cause palsy of the gluteus maximus muscle and resultant atrophy (shrinkage of the muscle), resulting in muscle spatial property and dysfunction. The implants are fabricated from silicone and are spherical or oval. they’re additionally on the market in numerous sizes from two hundred to five hundred ml. 

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 What a Butt raise Can’t Do 

  • Butt lifts aren’t essentially designed to get rid of excess fat or add volume to the butt. Fat grafting, butt implants, or autoaugmentation (leaving a number of your own tissue underneath the skin) will add volume. 
  • Liposuction is typically supplemental to enhance  contour. 
  • Body part augmentation is a patient procedure. 
  • It solely takes a pair of hours to finish. 
  • Whereas the recovery method takes one to a couple of weeks. 
  • Pain and swelling are traditional and may escape in 2 to three weeks. 

Butt Augmentation Recovery 

Moderate pain is typical. The pain is well controlled with over-the-counter and prescription medications.