About Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reductions are mostly conducted to correct a condition called Gynecomastia. This describes men, who for some reason, have developed breasts. Oddly, the condition quite frequently only affects one breast and many males seek out a breast reduction in order to make their chests appear more symmetrical. There has been a lot of speculation over the years about the causes of gynecomastia (feminine breasts) or male breast growth, but medical science has yet to come up with a clear explanation. Fortunately, cures of gynecomastia are there in breast reduction surgery, a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. In this procedure, the plastic surgeon removes fat, glandular and excess skin from the chest in order to give it a firmer, manlier appearance.


Ideal Candidates

‘Male breast reduction’ or ‘how to loose male breasts’ has been a matter of great concern as the breast lump in a male puts his self-esteem and confidence at stake. Males who feel self-conscious about having fuller breasts than other men usually seek this type of plastic surgery. The ideal candidate for male breast reduction is an emotionally healthy, financially stable male who does not have a history of mental illness or a serious underlying disease such as AIDS or cancer.

If you are overweight you might like to know that this surgery is not recommended for men who have developed breasts as the result of obesity. Male breast growth and breast growth due to weight gain are quite a different issue. In this case the plastic, surgeon might recommend dieting and exercise instead. If the breasts still remain after you have lost weight then surgery will be considered, particularly liposuction.

Breast reduction is also not recommended for males who are alcoholic, smoke marijuana or take anabolic steroids. This is because these drugs can actually be the cause of breast growth in men. In this case the plastic surgeon may recommend stopping drinking, smoking or taking steroids in an attempt to have the breasts shrink on their own. Having a male breast reduction is pointless if you are drinking, smoking or taking steroids simply because they will just grow back again after the surgery if you persist in one or more of these habits.

Surgery – Procedure

Male breast reduction surgery is a simple surgery but it is also considered to be invasive as a great deal of flesh and fat are removed. As with any surgery that involves cutting the skin, the risks of this operation include infection, excessive bleeding, an allergic reaction to anesthesia, dehydration, hematomas (pooling of blood around the incision) or seromas (pockets of pus around the incision).

Although male breast reduction surgery can definitely improve the contour and shape of your pectoral area it is a surgery that leaves scars on the skin. Skin damage that can be the result of a breast reduction are permanent hair loss, permanent pigment changes in the area and crookedly placed nipples. Temporary loss of sensation in the nipples is also a very common although most men regain sensation in about a year; a few, however, lose sensitivity in the area permanently.

Before recommending the surgery you will be put through a thorough examination by the plastic surgeon that will check for common causes of excessive breast growth in men such as impaired liver function or the use of medications that contain estrogen. The plastic surgeon may also recommend a mammogram to make sure that breast cancer is not the culprit behind the breast growth. If the doctor suspects that you have an underlying medical condition that is causing your breasts to grow, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

To prepare for a male breast reduction surgery you will be asked to quit smoking for up to two weeks before the operation as the habit interferes with efficient healing by constricting blood vessels and making it more difficult for oxygen to heal tissues.

Male breast surgery reduction is usually an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery itself only takes about an hour and a half to two hours to complete.

How the surgeon decides to approach your problem may depend on what he determines to be the cause of the swollen breasts. If the surgeon determines it is caused by gland growth then excess glandular tissue may be cut out of the breast and underarm area. An incision is usually made beneath the arm or around the areola surrounding the nipple and fat and excess skin are removed. Sometimes liposuction is also used to emulsify and remove fat if the breasts consist of mainly fatty tissue. After the physician is satisfied with the results, excess skin is clipped a way, the flesh redraped and the nipples repositioned. If there is excessive bleeding a shunt (a small drain) might be inserted through a separate incision to drain away excess blood and fluids.

After you are stitched up you can expect to be asked to wear an elastic pressure bandage for at least two weeks. You may have to wear it at night for about three months depending on how rapidly you heal. Also during that time you will be asked to avoid sex, athletics or strenuous activity. Any sutures that need to be removed are usually taken out two to three weeks after surgery. To reduce scarring it is recommended that you do not bare your chest to the sun for at least three months.

Male breast reduction surgery has a high success rate and chances are that you will be very satisfied with the results of this type of cosmetic procedure. The best way to prevent any complications is to take care of your general health and pay attention to your doctor’s recommendations both before and after the operation.


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