Plastic surgery involves procedures to treat injuries or deformities using operative manual and instrument treatment. Modern plastic surgery methods have reduced the ‘cut and dissect’ operations to less painful surgical measures. Plastic surgery can be divided into:

  • Reconstructive Surgery (to undo the destructive effects of trauma, disease or previous surgeries)
  • Cosmetic Surgery (to beautify the body/body features). Cosmetic procedures have become so popular that perhaps ‘cosmetic surgery’ and ‘plastic surgery’ are now better described as ‘beauty cosmetic surgery’.

Cosmetic surgery for body enhancement has become a popular field among doctors. Consequently there has been a rapid expansion in the number of cosmetic surgery clinics in recent years leading to intense competition to recruit patients. The popularity of the field has also brought bad plastic surgery and bad cosmetic surgery practices.

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It has become a highly profitable money-making business and many unlicensed or unqualified people in beauty salons, day spas and some clinics offer to perform these medically complex cosmetic procedures though they may not actually have the ability to do so.

The complications and risks of plastic surgery become multifold with bad surgical procedures and under qualified providers.

As cosmetic plastic surgery is a super-specialized discipline, one must be aware of risks, benefits and specific procedures involved. After getting the real picture of the procedures, prices and complications, one can foster realistic expectations from the procedure; or go for an alternative approach.

If plastic surgery seems appropriate then one should consult a licensed doctor who has proven surgical credentials. Better still, call the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and choose a provider with training and experience in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

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