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Does Eyelid Rejuvenation Make You Look Younger? | Atlanta Plastic Surgery post

Does Eyelid Rejuvenation Make You Look Younger?


Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, treats dropping or drooping eyelids that can make men and women look older than their age.  Our eyelids are the thinnest and most delicate skin on the body, so it should come as no surprise that they show signs of aging earlier than other areas.  When the skin around the eyes becomes loose , a person may look tired, sad or even angry.  Eyelid surgery can reduce age-related changes and give the eyes a new, more youthful look.

      When you need eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery can dramatically affect a person’s appearance and even their self-esteem.  This procedure is performed on patients whose skin has lost its elasticity during the aging process.  Here are some of the main issues that can be rectified with eyelid surgery:

  • raised eyebrows
  • drooping upper eyelids
  • bags under eyes
  • decreased peripheral vision
  • put on your best face

There are many reasons why people in the Jacksonville area may consider eyelid surgery.  For some it is a cosmetic problem, while for others it may be a medical necessity.  Cosmetic eyelid surgery performed solely for cosmetic reasons can improve a person’s appearance.  With age, the upper and lower eyelids may droop and there may be swelling under the eyes.  The skin of the eyelids is already sensitive.  As collagen production declines with age, the eyelid area loses its elasticity.  An eyelid lift can produce significant results by tightening the skin around the eyes, eliminating wrinkles or puffiness, and revealing a more youthful appearance.

      Correct vision problems.

Another reason Jacksonville residents may need an eyelid lift or have blepharoplasty for medical reasons.  Typically, the medical need for an eyelid lift is due to excess skin in the upper eyelid that bends enough to interfere with vision.  Also, under the eyes, when medical devices such as eyeglasses interfere with extremely small swelling of the eyelids, the patient may require eye surgery.  Typically, the aesthetic need of an eyelid lift is the most requested, but in some cases, a person may require a functional eyelid surgery to improve their life.

      Eyelid improvement possibilities

As with any cosmetic procedure or surgery, consult a qualified plastic surgeon.  Everyone’s eye shape is different and there are different concerns about what they might need for their eyelid surgery.  Therefore, showing up to a board-certified plastic surgeon is essential to your success.

      Here are the types of eyelid surgery:

Elevating the lower eyelid – the main goal is to eliminate wrinkles and bags under the eyes and improve the patient’s appearance.

Upper eyelid surgery: The main goal is to improve the patient’s appearance and leave a more open and rounded appearance in the eye.  It can also restore the healing function of the eye by removing excess skin obstructing the patient’s vision.

      Good Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

The best candidates for this procedure are men and women who are in good health and have realistic expectations.  Although eyelid surgery can improve your appearance and boost your confidence, it won’t make much of a difference in your appearance.  Your medical history will be taken in detail.  It is important to be open and honest about any pre-existing medical conditions, including disclosing eye conditions such as glaucoma, dry eye, or retinal detachment.


Depending on the area being treated, this outpatient procedure usually takes about two hours.  During recovery, the patient’s eyes swell, turn red and bruises appear due to the very sensitive skin of the eyelids.  Ice packs can provide relief and speed up the healing process. It will take some time to be normal, During this, women should avoid makeup and contact lenses are generally not worn.  Once the swelling has subsided, contact lenses can be worn if the patient is comfortable.  Like any cosmetic surgery, it’s important to be patient and follow your plastic surgeon’s post-op instructions to get the best results.  Your amazing new results can last for a decade or more.

An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty may be the solution you are looking for to significantly affect your overall appearance.