The 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Men

It’s no real wonder that men are increasingly turning to plastic surgeons to help them achieve their beauty goals.  Cosmetic surgery has never been gender specific, but this divide stems from our cultural misunderstanding of what cosmetic surgery is and who gets it.  Thanks to the Internet and social media, men and women have a better understanding of what these processes involve and what they can do.

  1. Liposuction

Liposuction is still one of the best cosmetic procedures across the board, according to the ASPS, so it’s no surprise that it’s number one for men, too.  But that doesn’t mean that men and women undergo the same types of liposuction or aim for the same results.  “Boys don’t want to be thin, they want to be muscular.”  “They want to lose belly fat, but they also want the masculine slope and figure that makes them look stronger.” For men, it’s not just about getting rid of unwanted fat, it’s also about building and improving muscle mass.


  1. Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in men year after year.  This is partly because only men get it.  Gynecomastia is the medical term for enlarged or effeminate breasts in men and surgery usually involves removal of joint tissue with liposuction to contour the area.


  1. Blepharoplasty (aka Eyelid Surgery)

“Men will come and say, ‘I look tired and I look old,’ but they don’t want a new look.”  Solution: An eye lift.  Most men notice the first signs of aging around their eyes and usually complain of bags or excess skin on the eyelids that make them look older.  It is therefore to be expected that blepharoplasty will continue to be one of the most popular procedures for men.

Eye lifts are performed on the upper or lower eyelid (often both) and remove excess skin to smooth wrinkles and make the eye area look smoother and more youthful.  They are popular with male patients because they are relatively simple procedures that produce excellent results with little downtime.  “It’s a simple operation.”  “Recovery is easy and there is no proof that anything has been done to you.”


  1. Hair Transplant

According to the American Hair Loss Association, “Hair transplants are becoming incredibly popular,” with approximately two-thirds of men experiencing hair loss before the age of 35.  By age 50, this number increases to 85%.  The main culprit is androgenetic alopecia.  (commonly known as male pattern baldness) and, as the name suggests, it is one of the most common problems faced by men.

It’s understandable that hair transplants are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among men, but one of the reasons more and more men are resorting to it these days is because there are advanced techniques that allow them to function better.  and leaves few traces behind.  “In the past, the donor site was contacted at once and multiple groups of hair were transplanted simultaneously.”  This old way of doing things we call “hair plugs” and it wasn’t very aesthetic.


  1. Rhinoplasty (nose work)

“A third of all rhinoplasty jobs I do are on men,” which shows how popular rhinoplasty is with men undergoing cosmetic surgery.  “They’re great because they can completely change the look of your face in just one process and make a big difference.”

However, men usually find something different than women when it comes to rhinoplasty.  “Men generally want a more masculine nose.”  “Usually they want it to be a little tighter and shorter than what’s called a super tip (when the tip is a little above the tip of the nose). You usually want it a little longer too.